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Trade the most liquid market in the world, together with other major financial markets.

At Accord Markets we are dedicated to provide you with quick and easy access to the global foreign exchange markets


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Forex Trading tools has become a complete income solution for many of its users being the only trading tool that nails trades in a live trading environment

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Accord Markets is launching a new contest whereby participants can test out their trading strategies and give themselves the shot at winning a valuable prize.

To participate in the contest, you simply need to open a live Investment account during the current contest round (lasting 1 month) with a deposit of at least 500 USD or deposit the given sum to an already existing Trading Account).

The contest winner will be the investor with the highest rate of return over the course of the round period.

The winner will be the proud recipient of either an iPad or a 500 USD credit to their transitory account.

Online educational tools and resources are supportive and interactive to gain quick attention of forex traders. These educational tools are high performing and standardized enough to blend multiples aspects for effective learning.

The instructional technology is highly professional and is completely need based. These tools promises as the effective solution for all the problems that traders face in their trading.

In fact, these are designed to fit for current educational system and are practically viable. The innovative approaches have been tailored to answer specific needs.

Traders and Investors access these resources to improve their trading skills. Traders can avail the opportunity of online learning as well as redeem the reward points for successful trades.

Within the forex trading environment, there are basically two types of analysis used to anticipate what is going to happen to currency movements. These are known as fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

What are the fundamental factors influencing the movement in currency prices? Of course we have to start with the world economy as a whole and the local national economies of the nations involved when we are looking at a specific pair of currencies. Generally, a healthy economy will point to a strong currency and vice versa.

This method is based entirely around charts to identify trends and patterns in currency movements. There are literally hundreds of technical analysis indicators available to traders and it takes a lot of time and practice to work successfully with this method.

The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest financial market and therefore has exceptionally low spreads.

These are measured in "pips", an abbreviation of "percentage in point", which represent the fourth digit after the decimal point of each currency rate.

Spread is the difference between BID (buy offer) and ASK (sell offer) price of the selected currency, commodity market, stock exchange index or share CFD.

Spread is the only cost of the transaction that the investor bears.

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<a href="">Forex portal</a>
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